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T h o m a s  B e n t i v o g l i o

Ancora 1

"Make a Wish (I wanna be as beautiful as the sea)". Broken car windows, variable dimensions. 2022.

Untitled (The View I Remember),
Inkjet print on paper. 2022


Lettere, Photographic series. Color filmstrips ordered in a slideshow; featuring original texts projected on buildings and places, 2019.

Copia di When the Party is Over (Nothing Gold can Stay)_Totale_2_edited.jpg
When the Party is Over (Nothing Gold can

When The Party is Over (Nothing Gold Can Stay),
Tinsel and stainless steel, 2022.

Bentivoglio - LOVE (Doesn't mean anything)_Cariplo.jpg

"LOVE (Doesn't Mean Anything)". Algorithm, thermic print paper. 2019.


"The House With the Garden". Essential oil of wisteria, brugmansia and rhynchosperm collected by enfleurage of flowers stolen from private property, diffusion method. Variable Sizes, (2023 - ).


"CLOUDS Have No Country", photographic and textual collection documenting a virtual journey through Google Earth. Screenshots via Street View in different locations around the world paired with sentences, 2020.

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