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Thomas Bentivoglio

In this work Thomas Bentivoglio steals flowers from neighborhood backyards to reproduce the smell of his own childhood garden 

"The House With the Garden". Essential oil of wisteria, brugmansia and rhynchosperm collected by enfleurage of flowers stolen from private property, diffusion method. Variable Sizes, (2023 - ).

In this work Thomas Bentivoglio goes back to his three hometowns in Italy to reconstruct a personal journal through large scale text projection. 

Lettere, Photographic series. Color filmstrips ordered in a slideshow; featuring original texts projected on buildings and places, 2019.

In this series Thomas Bentivoglio covers sterile metal surfaces with wall paint and his blood. 

"The Color Pink" series. White wall paint and artist’s blood on stainless steel surface. 2023.

Ancora 1

This work is made of forty kilograms of broken car windows laid on the floor.

"Make a Wish (I wanna be as beautiful as the sea)". Broken car windows, variable dimensions, 2022.

In this installation a printer makes fall from the ceiling an algorithmic love poetry every thirty seconds.

"LOVE (Doesn't Mean Anything)". Algorithm, thermic print paper. 2019.